"Grantus" at the Wheel

I was, one summer, doing classes at Calabar and Grantus was one of the teachers at this summer school. After school one day, I was heading toGrove Roadand was happy to accept a lift in this famous car along with a few other boys. As expected, Grantus drove at some 15 miles per hour, out of the school, onto the 'Robin and downConstant Spring Road. Then one lad alighted. At this Grantus raised the speed up to 30 miles per hour. In Half Way Tree the second boy alighted. Now I was the only passenger.

To my absolute amazement, Grantus took off downHalf-Way-Tree Road, like... well, like Orville Green! I watched in astonishment as the speedometer needle rose to an unheard of 45 miles per hour. If that was not enough, the old man removed the felt hat that was always on his head except when he was in classes, inspected the inside, removed his white handkerchief from his waistcoat pocket and calmly wiped a little sweat from the sweat band.

To do this, of course, Grantus, our slow sedate Grantus, had BOTH hands off the steering wheel. And when I was let off atGrove Road, the old man had a ghost of a smile on his face, as if challenging me to tell this story with any credibility whatsoever.

- Ewart “Fatz” Walters

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