Calabar Old Boys Association - Canada Chapter

The Calabar Old Boys Association (COBA) – Canada Chapter, exists primarily to facilitate the social interaction between alumni (“Old Boys”) of Calabar High School (Kingston, Jamaica). Our secondary purpose is to assist the school as well as current students, both financially and otherwise.

The Association was founded in Toronto in the early 1970s, but became dormant for a few years. It was resuscitated in the latter part of the ‘80s and has continued to operate uninterrupted since then. We plan and host events that promote collegiality among our membership, also with the wider Jamaican high school alumni community in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), through membership in the Alliance of Jamaican Alumni Associations (AJAA).

With the establishment of COBA organizations in other parts of the world (in addition to the original COBA-Jamaica group) we are part of the network of COBA chapters. Because of the very high concentration of Calabar Old Boys in the GTA, we decided to change our name from “Toronto” Chapter to “Canada” Chapter .

 The affairs of the chapter are in the hands of an Executive Committee (“The Executive”), which generally meets on the third Saturday of each odd-numbered month. Meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend, with advance notice to the President.

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