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 Keith Whyte

The Calabar Robotics Team was invited to mount a presentation of our robotics program at the Camperdown High School Health Fair on February 28, 2017 at Camperdown. Let me thank the Principal, club President Phillip Llewellyn and his team for putting in the hard work to develop the robot program; Ms. Meek and Ms. Walters for their support in getting the track ready and coordinating the permission and transportation of the team; and Mr. Morrison and Mr. Thompson for their leadership of the boys and program.

The robot track was designed to reflect a residential community, with the robot programmed to collect a garbage bin and deposit it into a garbage skip some distance away then return to its parking spot on completion of the task.

The presentation was well received at the Health Fair and created quite a stir with the students, teachers and visitors who were impressed with the precision and movement of the robot as it executed its task. Arising from their participation and the impression created, the team has been invited by the Scientific Research Council to display at their Science Expo along with the award-winning Jamaica College team.
I am pleased that the hard work and financial sacrifice made by the chapters and individuals have resulted in our students getting valuable exposure to display their knowledge and an opportunity to build their confidence in public. On my visit to the Health Fair late in the afternoon, the Calabar boys were the center of attraction among the Sixth Formers and healthy friendships were being developed with persons expressing an interest to join our robotics program.
The entire investment and experience will help to enhance the Calabar 'brand' and position the school as a place for academic excellence, as we maximize the benefits of technology at our disposal.

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