- Orville "o'gee" Green

There was a boy who transferred from Merlgrove to Calabar--a strange fellow. One night when Calabar was performing in the inter-schools' drama festival, at the Garrison Theatre (Up-Park Camp), during the intermission the boy bought an ice cream cone, and was explaining to Winston Service how to eat it. "Hey, Service! Si how we use to eat cream a Merlgrove!"

With his tongue fully extended, he proceeded to trace a path through the ice cream, from the point closest to the crux between his thumb and first finger, over the top of the mound, and down the other side. All this was taking place in full view of people at the refreshment counter .. and the boy was decked out in his Calabar uniform!

Service's eyes widened, and the boy followed his gaze, turned around to find the not-very-pleased headmaster, Dopey (Mr. Murray-White), standing right behind him. (They were not eye-to-eye, as Dopey was several inches shorter than him.) Dopey made an immediate appointment for the malefactor to see him in his office the next morning.

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